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Upcoming Exhibitions

1. Create Magazine Global Curated Online Exhibition with Guest Curator Gita Joshi - 15th March 2021

Create Magazine Global Online Exhibition


Electronic and other media coverage and publications of the artist, works and exhibitions including group ones by the artist. 

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Past Exhibitions

1. Group Exhibition - JD Malat Gallery. 

    London - Isolation Mastered, 2020

2. Norman Rea Gallery , 2020

3. Group Exhibition - Elizabeth James Gallery,      London - Figurative Speaking, 2018

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Upcoming Projects

I am working on two main projects at the moment. Galleries, institutions and curators interested to partner or know more about how they can connect to show these to their audience should get in touch. 


1. 'Lockdown Rebels' - A series of paintings on the theme around the impact of the COVID-19 related lockdowns on families and individuals. Various themes will be explored including impact on mental health, isolation, loneliness, family life etc.


2. Stories In My Head - This will be a series of paintings which tries to depict key historical events involving Africans or black people in the world. The objective is to highlight these stories and events to new audiences educating, informing and ensuring that they are preserved and available for the next generation to pass it on. The paintings will have a contemporary feel to ensure the emotions, energy felt at the time can be felt by the audiences. The paintings will be vibrant with a lot of movements and energy.