Queen Nanny - Oil on canvas 120cm by 100cm. Part of my ‘Why we resist’ series capturing significant Black/African historical events and figures which should be given more prominence than they currently do.Nanny was a leader of the Maroons at the beginning of the 18th century. She was known by both the Maroons and the British settlers as an outstanding military leader who became, in her lifetime and after, a symbol of unity and strength for her people during times of crisis.Queen Nanny was born in what is today Ghana believed to be of the Ashanti tribe.She was particularly important to the Maroons in the fierce fight with the British, during the First Maroon War from 1720 to 1739.This portrait tries to capture her as a Queen and a warrior. It also pays homage to her roots in Ghana by incorporating the Adinkra symbol ‘Akofena’ in the background. The Akofena represents courage, valour and heroism.

Queen Nanny